FC Build - First Bits

Chassis on stands

This is where it starts. A couple of 2” x 4” steel tubes to hang everything on. Though technically straightforward, this has been the hardest point to get to for me. I’ve had the fc cab since last January and it’s taken me about a year of looking at it everyday and letting the ideas stew before I was ready to tack the frame rails together.

Over time I’ve figured out that this is how I work on creative projects. Making anything involves suffering through what I call Stupid Time. Deciding to make something from scratch is really signing on to make a series of decisions. Lots of decisions that come one after another without mercy. Creative projects for me are less about the uplifting freedom of creation and more about a long slog through the responsibility of having to make decisions about every little thing. How thick should that plate be? What setting should the welder be at to weld said plate? What size should the bolt be that holds the dome light be? Wheelbase,track width, color… You get the idea. There are so many choices that the only way to get anywhere is to stop thinking about the whimsical euphoria of creative freedom and start thinking of ways to eliminate that freedom.

Too much choice kills projects. So at some point, preferably in the beginning of the project, it helps to fix something in place. This fixed point then becomes your reference and a base on which you can make decisions. But to find a good reference point to solidify, I have to push through Stupid Time, a period of time where I simply accept that most of the decisions I make or ideas I come up with will be stupid. At some point in this stream of dumb ideas, a fixed point emerges. once found, the project can begin and decisions can be made against a somewhat firm standard. 

In this case, the standard is determined by the width of the front axle I chose, a Dana 44 out of a Dodge Power Wagon. 

Leaf Spring Bracket 3D Model


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