About Wiley Davis

My name is Wiley Davis and I write stories that explore the consequences of individualism. I like characters who treat life as an experiment rather than a quest for safety, so these are the people I write about.

I have lived and worked all over the southwest United States. I’ve been a pizza cook, a metal fabricator, a machinist, and a news reporter. But through all of that, I’ve been a writer. I’m currently hiding away in the mountains of Montana.

My new novel, Finding Fordlandia, a tragic quest to find adventure and authenticity in the Amazon Jungle, is almost finished. My novella, Terminal Visit, about a husband and wife left behind by modern society, can be read right now on a variety of electronic devices.

I am also afflicted by the many-project syndrome. Sometimes I publish a magazine about bicycles, the Practical Pedal, and I have a small CNC machine shop where I make custom motorized bicycles. More at HONDO Garage.

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